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“Flowers in her hair, flowers everywhere”

There are so many ways to incorporate flowers into a wedding. Contemporary brides are wearing flowers in unconventional ways. Body flowers are on trend this season. Flower necklaces, anklets, and arm bands make a bold fashionable statement.  Floral crowns with large bright flowers make a beautiful headpiece. 

Photo Credit ~ S Photography

Flowers made with netting make a beautiful option for a veil. A skilled florist will be able to add flowers in various ways. Flowers can be attached to a headband a clip or comb if you are looking for something other than a full crown.

Photo Credit ~ Gallivan Photography

Make sure your florist and hairstylist confer about the optimal way to attach your headband, fascinator, or crown BEFORE the big day. This will assure that both professionals will be able to exceed your expectations.

Photo Credit ~ Erica Swantek

So go ahead wear those flowers in your hair! Enjoy your special day!

Photo Credit ~ S Photography

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