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My Philosophy


Flowers are so much more

than decoration

I believe that florals can:

connect you to nature,

inspire sustainability,

create a visual anchor,

elevate a space,

and cultivate joy.

To me, flowers are little gifts of beauty from the earth. I love celebrating their unique colors and textures while working with what nature gives us, rather than fighting it. I’m all about embracing what’s local, what’s in season, and what connects people with the space around them.


Why? Because I love this planet. I’m constantly inspired by the mountains, the ocean, and the sound of the wind in pine trees. As vast as our universe might be, there is no “planet B” for us. This is our only home, and if we screw it up, it’s over. It sounds intense, but that’s why I care so much about sustainability in my business. There are SO many simple ways to improve our impact on our environment, and I want to do my part.


Here are a few ways my team and I practice sustainability at Woodland Floral:

  • We support local farmers who engage in sustainable growing practices

  • We minimize the use of plastic in our designs

  • We avoid or minimize our use of floral foam

  • We re-use as much as possible

  • We hire local youth for processing and deliveries 

  • We contract with talented, local designers who have years of experience in the floral industry

  • We compost all floral scraps

  • We donate flowers to many non-profit organizations throughout the year

  • We purposely create designs that can be multi-functional on your wedding day

Ultimately, I love working with couples who share my passion for sustainable practices, as well as a passion for each other and their community. To me, there’s nothing better than a couple who really cares about their event. I love creating florals for people who want a true celebration for their loved ones, regardless of whether its 5 people or 200. 


I want to collaborate with you to craft gorgeous floral designs that enhance the natural beauty of your venue, make the space more comfortable, showcase your unique selves, and make everything more fun. And I want to create a welcoming, inclusive environment for you to be seen on the best day of your lives.


Feel like we might be a good fit? I’d love to hear from you! Head over to my contact page and we can start dreaming up the perfect florals for you!

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