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A French Inspired Spring Baby Shower

Late March in Sisters, Oregonwas the perfect setting for an elegant French inspired baby shower. Mother to be, Neeka Rhodes, was surrounded by friends and family throughout the afternoon.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Neeka for over 10 years. She first entered into my life when my daughters were in high school. My youngest became friends with her and she started coming over to the house often. Through the years Neeka has become my daughter. She is honest, funny, and strong. I know she will make a wonderful mother.

Neeka’s mother Alison and my daughter Laura did an amazing job planning every detail of her shower. There was delicious bites to eat, champagne with pink lemonade to drink and fun activities to play. One of the crowd favorites was cloth bib and onesie decorating. Everyone sewed on fun pre-cut patches in creative designs. Such a fun and practical gift as Neeka ended up with plenty of bibs and onesies to use in the future.

For this special baby girl shower I knew they wanted lots of flowers. My favorite was the teapot arrangement. I found a teapot at a thrift store along with some vintage cream pitchers that were clear and light pink which I used for the smaller arrangements. Knowing the mother-to-be's style well and with the theme being “French” I wanted to use flowers that would have the ability to drape.  

For the greens I used feather eucalyptus, Italian russcus and dusty miller.  The white hydrangea at the base of the arrangement just above the teapot made a beautiful soft focal point. With tulips in season I was able to get nice long stemmed ones that gave the effect I wanted for draping. I used other tulips and stock for the upright flowers and accented with queen Anne's lace and wax flower.

Guests took full advantage of everything this baby shower had to offer. Everyone left with smiles on their face after an afternoon of spending time with family and friends.

Photography: Hannah Tenneson

Flowers: Woodland Floral

March 26, 2016

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